Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunday: Sweet or Sour?

Here goes...

One Sunday morning...i received a msg inviting me to go to watch movie by a dear friend of mine...i almost jumped out of joy because finally i'll get the chance to see Bride's War. As i am about to go out, kringgggggggggg.....there goes my hp rings..."dy, sorry.i couldn't make it. i have to cook for the guess of my house". So..i was upset. Luckily, i haven't go out from the house yet.

Here come...

A msg about 20 minutes later."Dy, let's go out? If u can la...I've done my cooking already". So, apa lagi...within a minute i go to my car and set off. But, once again..such a dissapointment, no more Bride's War by the time we arrived. So, what to do.."Ben Button" it is...took us three hours. But, that is not the big of deal yet...imagine...the story is like so.. la....boring....luckily la ada si 'Do you know i have been strucked by a lightning 7 times?' guy. Kalo tak..lagi la bosan..

After awhile...

'Dy, i need to go now fiance marah da..'. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Biar betul?! Just because my friend is unable to teman he makan lunch, he merajuk? Wah? Dasyat! Lelaki zaman sekarang can really surprise us..!

There goes my sweet and sour moments... on Sunday.

Lesson of the day, if you see the tides are high, dont go and swim towards it.

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