Thursday, July 9, 2009

Parent's Interruptions is it cool or fool?

What say you if you parents enter your room and read your personal stuffs? Does they know anything about privacy? Is it ok to allow ur personal life to be digg-out freely? And you are 25 years old and your parents have to have a say in everything u do?!Fuck it!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Well...if you are sick and really cant do anything..why not try and sit back, relax and help urself with a comfort sofa and watch tv?

I did that and i ended up watching a movie..a very revoking movie about a teacher enthusiasm in teaching. Being a teacher myself, i've forgotten how important it is to keep reminding myself that i am a teacher and i do need to motivate myself as often as possible. Why? Do come to the school and u'll see the reality of how our students really are!

So, back to the movie..The casts are Hilarry Swank, Mcdreammy ( Grey's Anatomy), Mario, etc.
What's moved me so much is the fact that it's based on a real story back in 1999 although the movie was made in the year 2007. Very recent,right?

Imagine, having to unite different races that in a class! Furthermore, the students are from geng members background. The black's, hispanic's and etc. How could you ever teach a group of students with violant background with no respect to anybody except for thier own kind? Frankly, i as a teacher myself having difficulties to make my own students see the importance of education to them. This movie is very close to my heart. I love every each of my students...i want them to excel but i just cant do that with the amount of time that i have now in school. There are too many things that they do not know....i just cant follow the syllabus anymore.. i will feel guilty if i do so. These kids is like knowing nothing but expecting something from me. The same expectation that u all can see in the eyes of the students in this movie.

To all language teacher out there specially, do take some time to watch this our students..dont give up. They need us. Miracle can happen.It has happen to this teacher,why cant it happen to us? Meanwhile, for others who are not teacher...u r welcome to watch the movie as well...the scenario in this story if not completely, half are what u can see happening in our school and kids. Trust me on this. I'm trying to improve myself for my students...please pray for me..You may not be a teacher, but you could be part of the change to our education system.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Sat,7 March 2009

Yes..the day, date and year that i will always remember in my life!

It begins with..Fri,6 March: "Hey, Pengetua will ambik kedatangan kita oooo time Hari Keluarga!"


So, that is precisely why i had to attend the Family Day.

It was pretty awesome because my group ended up winning second prize overall although it should have been first! Well, the group that won actually cheated. But, because this is a family day, they just doesnt want to make big fuss over it. But, the important thing is, when their leader came to accept the prize, other teachers went...booooooooooooooooooooooooo! Hahaha...

Sounds happy? Wait till you read this...

After all the games were over, everybody went for their lunch...seafood..ok la...since the event was like near a beach..only a few chairs were provided..luckily i managed to pull a chair for me. Next, to me was a lady teacher. She brought along her only son. She was unable to eat because she has to carry the baby. So, i finish up my food rather quickly so that i can carry the baby and the mom can eventually eat.

While carrying the baby around, i saw a ping pong ball. I show it to the baby and he took it with a happy face. He was playing and licking it all along. When his mum arrived, she was just smiling. I was so busy talking to the mum that i didn't realise the baby put the ping pong ball inside his mouth. The moment i saw was already deep down inside his mouth. I tried to pull it out, but he refuses to let the ball out..which make the ball went even more deeper inside...i show it to the mom, the mom starts to panic and let out a panic scream..because...even using her finger the baby doesn't want to let the ball was stucked... so..the only last thing that i could do at that moment was to put the baby's head below, turn his back and snap his back as hard as possible..and after 2 snaps..the finally ball went out...Fuh!!!! Only God knows how panic i am and how guilty i am feeling until now! for today...i am having terrible headache because i cannot stop thinking about the incident! me............................

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stupidos Celcom Broadband Service Careline Man

Well... so i havent pay aabout 3 months bills..not because i dont have money just that because i dont have time!!! And who r u to judge me? Only a Service Careline man!!!

My story

I knew that i need to pay the bills asap especially now that my brother is back home. He would most probably be using the internet more often than i do. So, i figure...after i sent my father off to the airport i might as well go to the Celcom Kiosk and Public bank to pay all the bills...not only my broadband bills but also my car monthly loan. It was like around 9 a.m that i went to pay.

Last nite, when my bro tried to open went no connection. So, i just gave it a moment or so as maybe they need to configure the connection ka..somehow. But, this morning, still the same problem occur.

So, i called the Celcom Broadband Careline. It went smoothly as that man said the line was barred but then he said it'll take at least 30 minutes max before i can use, i pun..ok. thank you in a very polite manner. imagine..6.30 am i called ...7.00 am..still no luck. I wait again...until 10.30 am i call back.

After too many extension finally i get through. If i'm not mistaken it's the same man.

Here goes, " Nombor telefon cik?" and i gave him my no.fon.
"No kad Pengenalan Cik?" ...i read to him one by one because i think he needs to write it down
"84..06.." then..the line went silent macam nobody on the other line...

"Teruskan la sampai habis"..he said to me.( with his harsh voice)
"Nama ibu?" , again in his harsh voice.
" Talian cik da kena BAR." he continues.
Haaa? i said. (tak dengar time tu)
" Talian cik da kena sekat." (again with another annoying voice).
You know..he sounded like " sebab tu la tak dapat connect sebab tak bayar" - you know that kind of voice.

Apalagi... in an angry mode..
"apa? kurang ajar?" he asked.
and then he said something like this,
" saya hanya merujuk kepada rekod."
Which make me even mad. Maksudnya, he knew la why i was pissed off with him?!!! selamba de jer he said..'
cik sila tunggu sekejap".
"rekod sudah disemak, talian sudah dibuka sekatan, mungkin ada masalah teknikal sementara. cik, sila tunggu."

By this time, i can sense that he was embarassed as he knew i've made the payment sebab his voice bertukar..or maybe because i've threaten to make a complaint. Sekali, when i go to my lappy, the connection pun terus ok.
Hmm...punya la naik darah tahap gaban tadi!!!

The thing is, i talk nicely and politely to him yet he was so la arrogant! Siap bagi arahan as if i am the problematic person yg tak pandai nak bayar the monthly rent purposely! Tolong gaji lebih dari cukup la..if sekadar rm68 ja sebulan have to pay! (* if only u all can hear hisvoive and tone of voive at that particular time...i tell you....really...mau ja sampai kasut ke muka dia ooo)

Please la people, do not get angry at a people if it's your job to answer people's calls!!! You are paid for it,mind you! Besides, i was so damn polite lain la if i was rude ka something! This whole thing made me think: "Is it really true the Malaysian people is rude? Like what Reader's Digest claimed?" I wonder...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Owh that Pathetic Woman Driver!!!!!

I know it was a lame move but hey, that guy were like purposely slow down his car,then he moves aside but only so that he can have a 'race' with my car. When I eventually went ahead of him, he went and flash lights to my car! I was like.." duh....u've lost! Flash2 lagi kenapa? Geram!!!" But, that was not the point that i want to highlight here. hehe...but, it does still related with car. i begin. If there are two lanes on the road, and you are driving on the right lane and the other car is on the left lane. Both cars are at a junction so need to make a corner in order to go to the main road. By right, when both of our cars went out from that junction, we must just follow the lane and only after like a few meter then we can change lane,right?

Well, I am telling you, that is not the case here! The car which on the left lane was like the moment we go out from the corner, the car was like went nearer and nearer to my car without giving any signal or show any sign of slowing down from approaching the side of my car! I, on the other hand were trapped! Did I tell you that the main road doesn't have divider?

So, the lane next to me was the lane for cars from the opposite road! Imagine, at that time, when i was trying hard to avoid from this super idiotic car , another car from the other side of the road was also approaching! And i tell's sooooooooooooooooooooooo close for my car to be
ramp over by this two cars!!!!!

Guess, God was on my side. Angels protect me and my car! Somehow, the car from the opposite road managed to switch his lane to another ( again, luckily there was no car on his left lane) at the same time I move my car to that 'opposite lane' which i know its wrong! But, hey...two cars were in danger yet this idiotic car boleh-boleh la dengan senang hati just go ahead of me!'s was a lady! No wonder la people always say, if there is a 'problematic' car in front of you, it must be woman. I hate to admit this but yeah..that woman driver is pathetically sucks!

Lesson; Be careful is common advise but be extracareful is necessary in whatever you do.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunday: Sweet or Sour?

Here goes...

One Sunday morning...i received a msg inviting me to go to watch movie by a dear friend of mine...i almost jumped out of joy because finally i'll get the chance to see Bride's War. As i am about to go out, kringgggggggggg.....there goes my hp rings..."dy, sorry.i couldn't make it. i have to cook for the guess of my house". So..i was upset. Luckily, i haven't go out from the house yet.

Here come...

A msg about 20 minutes later."Dy, let's go out? If u can la...I've done my cooking already". So, apa lagi...within a minute i go to my car and set off. But, once again..such a dissapointment, no more Bride's War by the time we arrived. So, what to do.."Ben Button" it is...took us three hours. But, that is not the big of deal yet...imagine...the story is like so.. la....boring....luckily la ada si 'Do you know i have been strucked by a lightning 7 times?' guy. Kalo tak..lagi la bosan..

After awhile...

'Dy, i need to go now fiance marah da..'. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Biar betul?! Just because my friend is unable to teman he makan lunch, he merajuk? Wah? Dasyat! Lelaki zaman sekarang can really surprise us..!

There goes my sweet and sour moments... on Sunday.

Lesson of the day, if you see the tides are high, dont go and swim towards it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Boo-Boo Land

Amazing what trio outing can do to you..and in this! I went to watch 'Inkheart' with another two best friends of mine - Rina n Nadz. Awesome movie with a lil bit of tiny weeny flaw. The only link of the storyline to the title is via a book mentioned in this movie. Other than that, zero!But, what the heck.As long as it can make me laugh n kill my time..i'll be grateful.

Then, i went to 'Boo-boo Land' where for the first time in my life i actually enter a game place! Poor me...only at the age of 25 that i get the chance to actually play a game. Not that i havent entered any of these places before, but just NEVER play any one of it. With Rina...every games that we've tried seem to be so exciting and stress reliever. Both of us spent about RM20-25 just to play the! There is however one more slack. Out of the blue, while playing one of the games, my jean's button suddenly fell down!!!Luckily, i brought along my safety pin with me. And..thanks Rina for covering me up or!!!Lol!

Just went i am about to go back home, Rina n i encountered a new bookshop. 'HARRIS'! To my surprise, two of the most searchable books that i have been yearning for the past a year were there! Without any more hesitation..i bought those two books! 'A New Earth' and more book that i preferably not going to mention it here.

In sum, outing with gurl friends is like walking in an open space on a wide green and comforting.