Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Owh that Pathetic Woman Driver!!!!!

I know it was a lame move but hey, that guy were like purposely slow down his car,then he moves aside but only so that he can have a 'race' with my car. When I eventually went ahead of him, he went and flash lights to my car! I was like.." duh....u've lost! Flash2 lagi kenapa? Geram!!!" But, that was not the point that i want to highlight here. hehe...but, it does still related with car. i begin. If there are two lanes on the road, and you are driving on the right lane and the other car is on the left lane. Both cars are at a junction so need to make a corner in order to go to the main road. By right, when both of our cars went out from that junction, we must just follow the lane and only after like a few meter then we can change lane,right?

Well, I am telling you, that is not the case here! The car which on the left lane was like the moment we go out from the corner, the car was like went nearer and nearer to my car without giving any signal or show any sign of slowing down from approaching the side of my car! I, on the other hand were trapped! Did I tell you that the main road doesn't have divider?

So, the lane next to me was the lane for cars from the opposite road! Imagine, at that time, when i was trying hard to avoid from this super idiotic car , another car from the other side of the road was also approaching! And i tell's sooooooooooooooooooooooo close for my car to be
ramp over by this two cars!!!!!

Guess, God was on my side. Angels protect me and my car! Somehow, the car from the opposite road managed to switch his lane to another ( again, luckily there was no car on his left lane) at the same time I move my car to that 'opposite lane' which i know its wrong! But, hey...two cars were in danger yet this idiotic car boleh-boleh la dengan senang hati just go ahead of me!'s was a lady! No wonder la people always say, if there is a 'problematic' car in front of you, it must be woman. I hate to admit this but yeah..that woman driver is pathetically sucks!

Lesson; Be careful is common advise but be extracareful is necessary in whatever you do.

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