Sunday, March 15, 2009


Well...if you are sick and really cant do anything..why not try and sit back, relax and help urself with a comfort sofa and watch tv?

I did that and i ended up watching a movie..a very revoking movie about a teacher enthusiasm in teaching. Being a teacher myself, i've forgotten how important it is to keep reminding myself that i am a teacher and i do need to motivate myself as often as possible. Why? Do come to the school and u'll see the reality of how our students really are!

So, back to the movie..The casts are Hilarry Swank, Mcdreammy ( Grey's Anatomy), Mario, etc.
What's moved me so much is the fact that it's based on a real story back in 1999 although the movie was made in the year 2007. Very recent,right?

Imagine, having to unite different races that in a class! Furthermore, the students are from geng members background. The black's, hispanic's and etc. How could you ever teach a group of students with violant background with no respect to anybody except for thier own kind? Frankly, i as a teacher myself having difficulties to make my own students see the importance of education to them. This movie is very close to my heart. I love every each of my students...i want them to excel but i just cant do that with the amount of time that i have now in school. There are too many things that they do not know....i just cant follow the syllabus anymore.. i will feel guilty if i do so. These kids is like knowing nothing but expecting something from me. The same expectation that u all can see in the eyes of the students in this movie.

To all language teacher out there specially, do take some time to watch this our students..dont give up. They need us. Miracle can happen.It has happen to this teacher,why cant it happen to us? Meanwhile, for others who are not teacher...u r welcome to watch the movie as well...the scenario in this story if not completely, half are what u can see happening in our school and kids. Trust me on this. I'm trying to improve myself for my students...please pray for me..You may not be a teacher, but you could be part of the change to our education system.

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  1. and to u my friend do lose faith too, i know u can become a good teacher..hopefully you enthusiasm toward what u believe will never failed u in whatever problem u face. miss u my friend.