Friday, March 6, 2009


Sat,7 March 2009

Yes..the day, date and year that i will always remember in my life!

It begins with..Fri,6 March: "Hey, Pengetua will ambik kedatangan kita oooo time Hari Keluarga!"


So, that is precisely why i had to attend the Family Day.

It was pretty awesome because my group ended up winning second prize overall although it should have been first! Well, the group that won actually cheated. But, because this is a family day, they just doesnt want to make big fuss over it. But, the important thing is, when their leader came to accept the prize, other teachers went...booooooooooooooooooooooooo! Hahaha...

Sounds happy? Wait till you read this...

After all the games were over, everybody went for their lunch...seafood..ok la...since the event was like near a beach..only a few chairs were provided..luckily i managed to pull a chair for me. Next, to me was a lady teacher. She brought along her only son. She was unable to eat because she has to carry the baby. So, i finish up my food rather quickly so that i can carry the baby and the mom can eventually eat.

While carrying the baby around, i saw a ping pong ball. I show it to the baby and he took it with a happy face. He was playing and licking it all along. When his mum arrived, she was just smiling. I was so busy talking to the mum that i didn't realise the baby put the ping pong ball inside his mouth. The moment i saw was already deep down inside his mouth. I tried to pull it out, but he refuses to let the ball out..which make the ball went even more deeper inside...i show it to the mom, the mom starts to panic and let out a panic scream..because...even using her finger the baby doesn't want to let the ball was stucked... so..the only last thing that i could do at that moment was to put the baby's head below, turn his back and snap his back as hard as possible..and after 2 snaps..the finally ball went out...Fuh!!!! Only God knows how panic i am and how guilty i am feeling until now! for today...i am having terrible headache because i cannot stop thinking about the incident! me............................

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